Sparty is the mascot of Michigan State University, and we call us spartans, which shows strong laconophilia. For sniper, I am a fan of Counter-Strike, and I am very good at using AWP. Hmmm, well I was. But I still think AWP is the most beautiful weapon. That's why I pick Spartan Sniper as my blog's name.

Hello, This is Yang. I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Science and Engineering Department of Michigan State University. Google provides so many interesting stuff, so I think creating a blog on Google can take advantage of these stuff seamlessly. This is my first blog in English, which blocks me very much to express my train of thought effectively. So I don't plan to write a novel or poem here except some sketches of what I am interested in or what I encountered. Thank you all and Merry Christmas. God bless the world.